so with christmas being in less than two weeks, what have you gotten for your friends & family? (i need ideas) and what have you asked for? my wishlist is behind the cut. i'm also uploading a new mixtape sometime this week for you guys. i just moved into a new apartment at the beginning of the month and finals are this week, i'm so beyond exhausted, i just can't wait for this month and the holidays to be over with. but tomorrow morning i meet with van's, and i'm vair vair excited for what's in store!! (i  hope i didn't speak too soon though, eep!) hope all is well with you dolls. xxx
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Hey dolls, here's my mixtape for fall 2010. Its not really study music but its pretty good music to workout or get ready to. It includes 13 tracks, but 5 of them aren't listed above, so you can preview them from my tumblr:
bassnectar - teleport massive (bassnectar remix)
rihanna - who's that chick
a day to remember - all i want 
senses fail - st. anthony
the xx - infinity (flufftronix remix)
if you want individual tracks, let me know. i hope you guys like it! and to make this post more interactive tell me what your fave songs, bands/artists are for the fall. xxx


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hey cuties! i was cleaning off my desktop and realized i never posted my xxiii mix so here you are, it contains 23 of my favorite tracks from being 22, some of the shit is now overplayed or crazy old but hopefully you like it. you can preview all the tracks above, except for four of them which are:
1. schwayze - take u home
2. t.i. - got your back
3. birdman - i run this
4. atmosphere - pour me another

if you want individual tracks let me know. ALSO! for some reason bloc party & lady gaga won't completely play on my itunes but they play the complete track on my cds so idk if y'all want to see if you can figure it out or not, but there ya go! i'll be working on n°3 and have it posted sometime this month. also i update daily on my tumblr so head over there, if you get bored. enjoy dolls! xxx

ps - tell me what songs or artists you've been into lately i'm always on the prowl for new shit 

omg i really like this song :'(

I turn 23 in 6 days. I'm moving into a BEAUTIFUL apartment (that I got for a steal!) in Denver on Friday. All my old friends from years and years ago are coming back into my life. I'm sooooo happy and so grateful for everything in my life right now!!! No more miserable government job that I can't talk to anybody about anything with. I'm going back to doing what I love: working with makeup and skincare. I can dye my hair whatever color I want, get tattoos whereever, dress however, do whatever I want with my makeup and nails. I won't have to worry about going to school and then seeing my professors a few hours later or deal them card games in the late hours of the night and be sexually harassed by them. No more dealing with crazy family members and being judged by your last name and who your family is or the blood quantum on your enrollment card.  My own fucking joie de vivre. I think in a year though, I'm taking the plunge and moving to L.A. most of my friends from Phoenix are either moving to L.A. or to Denver and my east coast friends, I'm pretty sure I could talk into moving into L.A. with me and the ones that don't, would just give me an excuse to come out there. idk, I'm just so excited for the future has in store for me!

I've compiled a birthday wishlist but I have a feeling I'm going to end up buying all this shit for myself! D: I didn't include clothes because I would probably just end up buying it all right now and not have enough money to move, I'm trying to practice self control here~ Next week, I'll post my xxiii mixtape, so be on the lookout for that. My wishlist is after the cut, but tell me dolls, what's on your summer to-get list? any amazing plans? summer school? cool shows you're going to? vacations? what music are you listening to? books are you reading? what's the gossip, what's the news? you kids keep me so young... xxx

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whatever I do, I'm ready to die...

its been a while (over a year!) since i've posted a mix, but alas i have come to my senses and i have one ready for y'all! i really missed making these but i don't really have the time, HOPEFULLY i can start posting them more often. this is my spring mix tape aka my most listened to/liked songs of the spring, i've been listening to them a lot on the plane or on the road, working out, packing up my place - so basically good motivation music! you can download it here or preview the music below, if you dolls want the individual tracks let me know. i hope you like it! xxx vee

ps - to make this post more interactive post your favorite music here or tell me your favorite artists as of late.

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what happens in vegas.... if you ever get there!

do you forgive and forget? or are you the type of person that once someone pisses you off they are dead to you for forever? i think my best friend is quickly falling into my frenemy spot (that i've never had before!) i still want to like her but she did a bitchface thing and i think forgiveness is a sign of weakness, so if i do decide to love her again its gonna take me like a fucking year to gtf over it. so read the story dolls, and tell me who you think the real dickhead is:

it all began a week ago (give or take a of couple days), i texted my bff/frenemy, bananna* to tell her i was going to be late because it was fucking dumping snow and i wasn't going to speed down to denver and kms. and bananna texted back, "leave work early". well i can't do that we work in 24 hour shifts and i can't get into detail about the situation that happened at work but i had to wait for the next director to come on call and i wasn't going to be like, "teehee cover my extra hours so i can get imbibed while you deal with an incident that happened on my shift!" so i told her no dice and then bananna said, "well then we'll leave without you, we're not waiting." and she and the rest of the vicious fruits fucking left without me, y'all! i thought this bitch was fibbing! she totally ruined my plans with you-know-who (hubba hubba) and my drunken zombie jesus day. i fucking worked out twice a day since january for this bullshit!

decisions, decisions...i think i'm going to be the bigger man and wait for her to come to me. (and beg for my forgiveness) because she works out a lot and could totally slap me silly. and from now on she will be referred to as the suspect on my twitter page.

*names have been changed to protect the "innocent"