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alright kids, here's the new mixtape i promised you. for some reason i can't find my kanye track on my itunes, so i downloaded one from mediafire AND EVERY TRACK WAS EITHER EDITED OR TAGGED! my god people, what's the point of editing music? anyways, so i gave you the edited track cuz its so much better than listening to funkmaster flex wannabe's bellowing over a good song. and if you haven't downloaded the new kayne, don't even talk to me. there's 13 tracks in the mix, you can preview them below. comment if you downloaded, i hope you like it. if you want a track individually let me know, i'm busy with school right now so it might be a while. xxx

one of the tracks had a broken link on the playlist generator but you can preview it from my tumblr:
keri hilson feat kanye - pretty girl rock (remix)
Tags: denvemolorado, download: audio, i'm the swan queen
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