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this is a cry for help

did anybody with verizon that ordered an iphone not get the phone in the mail today? i am bugging out!!! also what are you getting your lovers for valentine's day? i'm so stumped, i know i'm getting him cologne for sure, but idk what else. i'm practically illiterate so no poetry or love letters from me...

anyways i have an ovarian cyst so i've kind of been taking it easy for the past few days, staying at home... i'm still on the third season of lost lol. i will never finish this show! D: but as i was saying, i started on a new mixtape and i swear on jp's perfect little life i will post it within the next few days. tell me what you have been up to, what your v-day plans are, if you are doing good in school, if you're pregnant, moved, got a new car, got a new job, just got married, etc. etc. also tell me what your fave tumblr, make-up, hairstyle and song of the moment is, and in return i shall tell you the tale of the kracken and i's falling out. i am so bored plx save my life.
Tags: drama llama, i hate bananas, my presence is a present kiss my ass, why am i posting?
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