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14 tracks to fry your flesh to

hey dolls, so here's the mixtape i was suppose to post MONTHS ago, i'm so sorry for the delay! i have so much stuff going on right now, both good and bad, so i'm just happy it got posted at all. some of the songs are posted above but there's 6 that had the links broken before this got posted so you can preview those from my tumblr on the links below:
ratatat - neckbrace
zowie - love demolition
frank alamo - heureux tous les deux
n.e.r.d. - she wants to move (dfa remix)
paul oakenfold - piledriver (greyed out summer remix)
nikkfurrie - the a la methe 
i know i put the n.e.r.d. track on a previous mixtape but its been a few years, so deal with it~ here are tracks to bake yourself to (i can't believe i made this lol), i hope you like it. if you need the individual tracks, let me know. comments are appreciated, i hope you guys like it. xxx
Tags: download: audio, i whip my hair back and forth, yeezy taught me
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